Are You Interested To Ship Books In Safe Package?

Are you interested to ship your all books in safest way? Then note down the following quick tips, so that you can avoid certain mistakes while you are shipping your package.

  • Avoid packing any loose books. Prefer to wrap the books in paper or they may be placed in any bags inside the box.
  • Avoid using any second-hand boxes. Such boxes have already lost their shapes hence their structural strength is also lost.
  • Avoid using gift-wrapping, shoe, donut, or tissue boxes to ship books. It must be of corrugated box with minimum 200/sq. inch. bursting strength. For books that are heavy or frail, prefer heavier mailer boxes or any doubled boxes.
  • Avoid to use any non-compressible fill around the books.
  • Avoid tying boxes with any string or rope of bands. In Europe, it may be acceptable however it will not work in the USA. These ties may cause damage to both packages as well as the books. The common practice in EU of wrapping books with bubble wrap and after that tying with string, that leaves groves or dents in the books. Better to use fortified tape around the box.

  • Don’t use jiffy bags while shipping any soft bound books/catalogues unless they are first wrapped up properly with the catalog kept immobilized inside. It is also not safe to ship any light-weight-hard-bound books in any padded mailer. Use padded mailers with extra internal protection.
  • Don’t ship any package which is not properly sealed. Seal all box flaps and also, on heavy packages or boxes shipped overseas, tape all the edges that are folded. Heavy or bigger boxes will need more tape. Single layer of any standard 1.8 mil sealing tape which is applied down the center of the box-flaps is not sufficient for any package! [Once such boxes weighing 40 lbs. and more sealed was received in this way. In one case the tape got damaged and all the books were ready to fall out. For another case, few books were missed and in some other box, it was empty]
  • Writing “Handle with care”, on the package does not make any difference in all carriers. Once we requested one giant Bookseller of US to pack with few compressible fills around every book corner, but they shipped books only of 35 pounds weight in a box, which was precisely the contents scale with instructions posted on all six sides of box written: “DO NOT DROP ON THE CORNERS”. But the box was certainly dropped many times and two books was received with damaged corners.

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