Today maximum presentations are being shared in PDF format, for instance the company profile, the product line, the distributor agreement etc and these many times it happens that these documents are to be customized as per the recent discussion with client, customer or business associate. This customization can be of adding certain details or forms or lists to the existing document. Prior it was a task as the page was to be added in the source format and then the entire file was again converted in to PDF, however, today with it has become really easy to add pages to your PDF files. PDF Editor comes with all the possible solution to add a page to an existing document.

How to add pages to a pdf?

Movavi PDF Editor is one such software that allows you to edit your PDF file on the go and has multiple features intelligently designed, to be user friendly. Adding pages in PDF file is a boon to managers and presenters as their tri-fold labor is reduced saving their precious minutes of preparations. The software also allows you to reshuffle your pages according to the latest flow of presentation. Removing and adding pages had not been this easier before.

There are multiple ways to add a new page to your file. Pages can be added in starting, middle or last of the file. There can be a form that needs to be added in first place which might be mandate of the contract or there can be a page with additional or revised terms and conditions to be added in the middle or there can be a synopsis or end note to be added at the last. It is really easy with PDF Editor Software and it just takes few minutes to add up new pages.

The best part of the  software is that it is compatible with all the Operating Systems available. All you need is to download the software and start using it, it is that simple. You don’t need a skilled resource as needed in building the software. It comes with instructions and real easy functions those are self instructive. Moving ahead, this software also allows inserting images, charts, tables, vectors etc easily to your existing PDF file. You can copy and paste your matter in the file. You can drag and drop your matter in the file.

This software is completely compatible with your devices as well. You don’t have to use your mouse all the time, once you are through with the software you can use key board shortcuts to append the files which saves a lot of time. Movavi PDF Editor has a feature where in you can save the existing file or click on ‘save as’ and save the file in different location keeping the first copy intact for any further requires. This software helps you to integrate any of your presentations or portfolio and reshuffle them according to the meeting and requisites. Hope this helped you well in understanding few more uses of PDF Editor. Keep Reading!

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